You will learn...

1. How to uncover the roadblocks that are making you feel stuck every single day

2. My best tips to help you achieve your dreams

3. Why you should associate yourself with other inspiring “giants” 

4. How giving back, or paying it forward, can transform your life and community 

Met Virginia Prodan, Victory Coach, Speaker and Author, has literally faced her assassin in life and has lived to tell about it. You will be inspired by her confidence and courage in the Lord to share the love of God to anyone who will listen, even the man who was hired to kill her. Virginia is passionate about mentoring others who want to stand up to their giants and create a fulfilling, purpose-filled, abundant life. Virginia inspires!

She has presented to large audiences, such as, Family Research Council, Christian Legal Fellowship, FOXNews, Christian Post, Focus on the Family - Colorado Springs, Christianity Today and many more.